Marival Armony Luxury Resort and Suites

Let’s Go Lux Travel’s first company retreat consisted of 4 nights, and was hosted by the newly Adults Only Marival Armony.

Aerial View of Marival Armony All Adults Resort

Let me tell you- we have never felt more welcome, or more spoiled. The beauty and intimacy of this resort are undeniable. It is so warm- and I don’t just mean the weather.

When you can‘t decide between the ocean or the mountains, you come to Riviera Nayarit, and when you want to feel like family? You come to Marival Resorts. Residing between the historic port of San Blas, of Nayarit and Banderas Bay, Nuevo Vallarta- lies The Riviera Nayarit.

It spans a nearly 200-mile stretch of coastline. The perfect backdrop of the Sierra Madre mountains alongside the Pacific Ocean makes for a more than stunning view.

Fun Fact: Marival actually pioneered the very first all-inclusive concept/resort in 1984!

Over 36 years ago, Canadian Senator Pietro Rizzuto sought to invest in a family business in Mexico.

In 1982, a property was acquired in Nuevo Vallarta that two years later would be inaugurated as the first Marival hotel. The birth of the all-inclusive concept of the highest level in the region has developed true warmth and personalized family attention throughout its service.

Room Service is always a treat

Marival currently consists of 3 resorts: Marival Emotions- a family-centric resort, Marival Distinct Luxury Residences, and Adults Only Marival Armony. Marival’s priority is not to expand to as many properties as possible, although their perceived success if they did decide to enter into such an endeavor, has never been in question. They enjoy being able to ensure meticulous attention to detail, consistency across properties, and personalized service. Along with their family-centered approach to guest relations, virtually all Members of staff are accessible on-site and able to reach any of the 3 properties in a matter of minutes. During your stay at any of the 3 properties, you are guaranteed to see familiar faces.

This is just one of the things that set Marival Resorts apart.

Marival Armony

Marival Armony Luxury Resort and Suites was established in 2019. It combines the serenity of the natural terrain and panoramic views with perfectly curated landscaping and luxurious accommodations. Standing no more than 4 stories at its highest point, Marival Armony barely towers over the tallest palm trees. Multiple restaurants on the property are shrouded by foliage, barely visible unless you are inside.

In addition to the initial success of investing in a family business in Mexico, Mr. Pietro Rizzuto has contributed to the integral development of its environment.

One of their many pools at Marival Armony

Marival Resorts strives to preserve the natural beauty and landscape of its locations and maintains an eco-centric approach when building and maintaining their properties. They are passionate about working with the environment, rather than against it. This is shown with the current owner and Mr. Pietro Rizzuto’s son: Alfonso Rizzuto’s generosity, and his active participation in the communities’ conservation through programs of sustainable development such as Eco Marival, among others.

The vast majority of the Marival Armony property is open-air, so the Ocean breeze can reach you almost anywhere you are. As an added bonus- The Banderas Bay is home to hundreds of Humpback whales, which can even be seen breaching and surfacing during breeding season from balconies and restaurants!

Infinity pool and Beach Cabanas

There are multiple pools on the property. I love to take it easy in a cabana bed in the morning and be served poolside, then I walk a few hundred yards to spend the afternoon perched on a stool at the swim-up bar jamming to music, socializing with the staff, and sipping fresh margaritas!

Visit the Melange World Spa during your stay, and receive an immersive and specialized treatment based on the customs, aromatherapy, and ambiance of the country of your choosing. I recommend the India Experience. You are greeted with a small snack, a chocolate truffle, and a chocolate martini to enjoy as you get your feet washed. Then, you receive a full body massage, a hot oil treatment on your “third eye” in your forehead, and a warm bath and scalp massage.

Melange Spa

The 5 restaurants at Marival Armony are of varied vibes and cuisines, but all delicious. They rotate hours throughout your stay allowing you to greet your favorite staff and have a varied culinary experience. Only the signature restaurant on property-Divum- requires more formal dress and reservations.

For an afternoon of culture, take an afternoon about an hour south to explore the Malecon (boardwalk!) and the Romantic Zone of Old Puerto Vallarta! I highly suggest also taking a day trip 15 minutes north of Marival Armony to Sayulita, a bohemian surf town with traditional Mexican markets and street food.

For an outdoor adventure, climb aboard an excursion to the famous “Los Arcos” National Marine Park or the Marietas Islands and hidden beach. For thrill-seekers, schedule a day to zipline over Yelapa, and swim in hidden coves only accessible by boat or hike!

Puerto/Nuevo Vallarta is one of the absolute safest parts of Mexico, so even though the resort has all you need venturing out a bit is a must!

Come Enjoy this absolute paradise of a place. It not only has LGL’s stamp of approval, but also multiple already in the books for another stay.

Let’s Go Lux Travel Team

Written by Randi McCracken, agent at Let’s Go Lux Travel

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June 1, 2022

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